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Top Aviation Innovations for the Future

The aviation industry has come along with various types of innovations. The industry is still growing and implementing the latest technologies that are intriguingly interesting. Previously, the airline ticket only translated with distance, type of seat and route popularity but know, the implementation of innovations will also decide it too.

The Current aviation innovations will revolutionize the way a passenger flies from destination to the other. For an instance, everyone is talking about air taxi and jumbo jets that will take a minimum time to reach. In fact, people are also thinking of jet-powered backpacks for an individual transport medium. These ideas will take time to appear in the market but the list of Innovation in aviation industry 2018 will be seen enthralling the passengers very soon.

Top Aviation Innovations Of 2018

Quite a few years back, people thought seatback televisions and Wi-Fi are impossible. Now every passenger is hooked up to the personalized entertainment units and TV sets either watching their favorite show or playing games. The passengers can now work while flying to a destination easily by using a fast Wi-Fi connection. These types of innovations will be seen every now and then. Here is the list of innovations that will knock your socks off by changing the game.


This is a unique Artificial Intelligence platform that will provide a versatile assessment interface to select pilots after assessing profound psychometric and technical tests. The platform is a gamified version of a simulation platform where the aspiring pilots. The candidates will pass through simulated environments where the psychometric and technical analysis will be done.

This AI platform is a strategic and innovative tool (TAE-R) that will be used for the selection of efficient pilots after knowing their strength and considering their values. The emotional disposition of the candidates will be considered and admired too by the AI platform. Eventually, the AI simulation platform will be available for all airline services so that an apt process can be availed to select the right candidates for the jobs.

The professional team of AI experts is steadily progressing towards the development of such AI-based simulation platforms for the recruitment of the aircrew. The platform will be capable of considering and analyzing the emotional aspects, strength, and knowledge in a profound way.

Green Flying

Probably the most popular Airline innovations 2018, this is where the non-polluting solar-powered flights will be commenced in the market very soon. The planes are being developed by many companies and are given a trial run. In fact, some of the companies are also sending their pilots for a world tour by air to create a landmark. It will be a huge step forward for not using fossil fuels anymore. The new technologies of using zero-emission solar power engines will keep the environment safe and clean.

Concepts like Double Bubble are taking a step ahead. It is a design where the consumption of the fuel reduces by 70%. Sky Whale is a Spanish concept where the air vehicle will take a vertical takeoff to carry more than 755 passengers with self-repairing technology. This might sound a little farfetched but one day, it might become the latest Airline innovation ideas.

Smart Surface And Window-Less Planes

Another intriguing concept will also revolutionize the concept of window-less flying. As per the concept, there are so many surfaces on a plane that a passenger avails. The tray tables, overhead panels, armrests, etc, can be easily converted into a smart screen or surface which will provide a medium for interaction and entertainment.

This Air travel innovation can be used to display information, communicate, entertain and for many other purposes. Ixion is a window-less jet concept that will use all the surfaces as a smart screen to make people feel less claustrophobic. The passengers will find thin OLED screens to display sights like a window. These screens can be used for various purposes also.

The Flying Donut

This is a typical model where the passengers will not feel jammed or crammed due to the presence of a single aisle. The cabin will be like a big spherical auditorium where the passengers will find seating arrangements in a circular fashion. A lot more people can be carried within a small spherical space. In fact, the plane might be more efficient in terms of aerodynamics and can save a lot of fuel. This is a particular type of Innovation in the aviation industry that will require comprehensive tests and we might not be able to see it surface anytime soon.

Convertible Seating

This is the Latest innovations in airplanes that will offer extreme comfort to the passengers. The seat flaps can be converted easily and save a lot of space. The passengers will be able to free themselves up. This project is popularly known as the Butterfly concept. These seats are easily detachable and the attendants can change them as per the requirement. In between flights, the seats can be changed or swapped very quickly

Personal Cabin

Although this is a not a new concept but the Technology innovation in the airline industry will make sure that a passenger finds it very cozy. There will be ample space for a passenger to keep his feet straight. An interactive and entertainment screen along with other amenities will be there too.

In A Nutshell

All the innovations are aimed to deliver utmost comfort and convenience to the passengers. By reducing the time taken to connect two destinations, by making environment-friendly airplanes or by revolutionizing the seating arrangements, these top innovations and concepts will surely develop the overall aviation industry.

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