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Life After Cabin Crew Job

Life is planning and planning is life. There are stages and phases to life and professions. There is a time to work and a time to retire. Sometimes, there are times to migrate from a profession to another as the current reality might not favor eventuality. Such is the case with many careers including the ones with aviation firms. If you think as a cabin crew you are going to fly for life, you are probably living a life of an unrealistic fantasy. While you may last longer years working with airlines as a pilot, you may not be so lucky to fly long years with airlines as a flight attendant. Although a lot of reasons are traceable to these, the most obvious ones are the fact that airlines want your energetic best, especially in your youthful age, and perhaps your glowing beauty or charming handsomeness to add to the in-flight guest service experience. It is no argument that you cannot be forever beautiful or handsome as you are when you were recruited throughout your entire life. So, the more you age, the less time you would probably spend with your airlines as a cabin crew.

Owing to this and a lot of other factors, a top and global leading aviation recruitment agency like Meccti wouldn’t just secure you the aviation job of your dreams, they have also got teams of professionals to manage your career including life after aviation, since it is not far from the truth that you might never work as a cabin crew forever. This is to show you how well they understand the industry and how well they care about your career and life as an individual. To begin with, if you are a cabin crew, you are a very lucky individual because it is not a dead end career. It will rather open you up for many opportunities after because you would probably have added many skill set to yourself during service with aviation firms. You must have honed problem solving skills, first aid, ability to speak and understand more than a language, understanding of many cultures, and perhaps skills that would undoubtedly fit you better into different roles above peers in the corporate world. We could therefore say that cabin crew jobs are not ends in themselves but means to many ends of your choice as you may decide.

You might have to leave cabin crew job for a lot of reasons. End of contract, leaving to start a family or you might even grow tired of the job despite that it is full of fun and adventures. One bitter truth we would tell all cabin crew is that in the difficult global economic climate we are in at the moment, cabin crew jobs are less stable, and that means that you must make wise decisions regarding your future so as not to wander when reality confronts you. It is even more difficult to leave the job because it would have become a lifestyle, thus making it very tough to settle back to a lifestyle of 8 am to 4 pm. Heads up! You have very little to worry about despite the scares because there are lots of bridges to fill the gap between leaving cabin crew job and facing other careers outside it.

Your next profession after cabin crew job is greatly dependent on you. The sweetest thing is that if you have passion for aviation work, you could begin other profession in the sector. With few professional courses at hand, you could take side steps to become trainers or recruiter in the industry. Even office based positions as supervisors and administrators are up for grabs since you have a resume of experience in the industry. There are open opportunities for you in the corporate aviation world as well. These include chief flight attendant, crew manager, fixe based operators and lots more. Guess what? You can learn to fly up and work towards a pilot license!

The wider world of travel has got oceans of opportunities for you too. From hotel resorts to airport professions, stewardship, tourist guide and lots more, you have got a lot of options on the table. With a TEFL course and your experience having travel round the world and understanding many cultures, you could become an English travel teacher in any countries of the world or if you’re passionate about language teaching, English teaching could be an option too.

The corporate world is a grasp within your reach if you want a profession outside of the travel and tourism industry. If you have saved enough to start a business, you could become an entrepreneur, and in any case that is not attainable, corporate businesses love to employ ex-cabin crews for their level of universal experience. You may decide to retrain completely for a profession in nursing and paramedic roles. Joining the military or police force could be interesting options too. One important factor in all is that whatever you choose after your service as an ex-cabin crew is well dependent on you and how open you are to train further. However, the good news is that Meccti could assist you ultimately with choices and career clarifications. What more would you have asked for from a firm that gets you your dream job and plan your future?!

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