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Cabin Crew – EASA Attestation Training

The Cabin Crew Training is an initial safety course conducted in accordance with EU Regulation 1178/2011 requirements aiming to adequately train crew members for the safe operation of the aircraft and its occupants whilst they acquire the knowledge and skills required to qualify as flight attendants. Upon Completion of the Cabin Crew Training Course, the applicant will receive an Attestation of Safety Training Certificate, by EASA recognized by all European Airlines.

The European Aviation regulation, states that: “Any Airline shall ensure that each Cabin Crew Member must have successfully completed Initial Training in accordance with EASA regulation and holds an ATTESTATION of Safety Training”. In any Airline Cabin Crew recruitment, the holder of such Attestation has a priority over the other candidates for the flight attendant positions.

training program
training program

Course Structure

The initial Cabin Crew course consists of theoretical, practical training and the final flight attendant competency check.

Theoretical Training

The course covers the following topics in compliance with EU-REG:

  • Introduction to Cabin Crew Training

  • Rules & Regulations

  • Discipline & Responsibilities

  • Fire & Smoke

  • Survival

  • Water Survival

  • Dangerous Goods

  • Security

  • Passenger Handling

  • Safety & Emergency Responsibilities

  • Medical Aspects & First Aid

  • Crew Resource Management

Practical Training

Future Flight Attendants undergo the following practical training:

  • Water survival training in a swimming pool

  • Fire and smoke practical training

  • Flight Attendant Competency Check: Successful completion of the course is certified via written examinations in all subjects


The Competency Check has a minimum pass mark of 75%.
The Cabin Crew Initial Course has a duration of 3 weeks.

All future flight attendants receive informative and detailed course reference manuals, helpful throughout their entire professional career.

*All training programmes are offered in compliance with EASA requirements.

*Only offered for Airlines.

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