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Tips for Cabin Crew Interview

Being a cabin crew is the perfect career for those who are passionate about traveling, genuinely care for others and want to possess a bright and scintillating career in the aviation industry. It is often said that the job of a cabin crew is not a career rather it is a lifestyle. Many domestic and international airlines often hire some good and efficient cabin crew members to their airlines so that they can ameliorate their growth and success.

But it’s not a facile job to crack the interview of a cabin crew because you need to go through several selection processes. Thus you should prepare yourself in advance so that at the time of the interview you must be confident and well-groomed. Here, we are mentioning some of the interview tips which will help you to crack your cabin interview successfully.

1.Know your airlines properly: This is the first step that you need to pay attention when you are going for a cabin crew interview for an airline. Know your airline utterly by digging out all the information about them from Google. Find out their achievements and what are the new destinations that they have added recently on their route. Try to learn about their work culture and other facilities that the airline provides to its passengers. At the time of the interview, they must ask you why do you want to join them? So, you should well-prepared with this question and try to satisfy your interviewer with your answer.

2. Wear a sharp business attire: Your attire plays a pivotal role in your selection of a cabin crew job. If you are a woman, then go for a plain blue or black blazer along with a white shirt or beige shirt. Make sure your blazer is not too tight or oversized so that you can stay comfortable at the time of interview. Low necklines or unbuttoned shirts are not accepted at the time of interview. Go for a knee length skirt which must have the same colour as your blazer. Once you are going for an interview, you really need to wear tights or stockings. It’s very important to choose nude tights, not black or any other colours. For airlines, it is mandatory that your hair length should not exceed your shoulder line. So, try to make a bun or French twist if you have long hair. Use concealer and foundation to make your skin tone even and avoid loud makeup. In terms of accessories, you can wear a scarf around your neck along with a single or double know. If you want to wear earrings, then choose small pearls or stones. Your shoes must be stilettos which are not very high yet classy and elegant. Platform heels, sandals, etc. should be strictly avoided at the time of interview.

If you are a male candidate, then wear a navy blue or dark grey suit. The quality of the suit should be good and wrinkleless. Must wear a simple or plain coloured shirt which is perfectly ironed with a tie. You can also wear a black belt, black shoes (perfectly polished), and shocks. You must be shaved to look clean, bright and neat.

3. Keep the focus on your communication: If you are applying for a cabin crew job, your communication can play a gamechanger. A flight attendant should be very polite, cordial, and must have a proper tone to convey the messages to the passengers. Try to improve your communication and pitch tone to crack your interview properly. You must be fluent in English and other languages and should be confident while interacting with the passengers. You can join some spoken English classes so that you can hold a good grape of English language.

4. Keep your CV updated: If you are an experienced and deft person, then clearly mention your work experience and job responsibilities that you have performed for other airlines in your resume. If you are a fresher, then mention all your qualification, internship experiences, and other details clearly. Your CV speaks a lot about you, so it should be well-drafted and compelling. Always bring a fresh version of your CV as this shows that you have an initiative which is very impressive at the time of interview.

5. Keep a positive attitude: You may not know every question that your interviewer will ask at the time of interview but never give up your positive attitude. Watch your facial expressions and make sure that you look comfortable with the questions and will always give a positive and pleasant vibe during the interview. Always make an eye contact with the interviewer while giving the answers.

6. Always be punctual: Try to reach sometime before your interview schedule. The aviation industry is a sector where punctuality is highly recommended. If you will reach late, then you will get far away from the competition.

These are the few interview tips which will help you to crack your interview for cabin crew. MECCTI is an illustrious name in aviation sector which provides recruitment and training service to the top-notch airlines. So, if you want a coruscating career as a cabin crew, then must get in touch with MECCTI now.

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