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The one thing cabin crew can’t stand passengers doing

Most of the passengers ignore plane safety briefings, and they know they are not behaving right.

According to a thread on Quora you’re not only offending the flight attendants who are trying to do their job, but you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage too.

“Personally, when passengers didn’t pay attention to the safety demo, I like to take note of their seat numbers, in case of an emergency, I would know which passengers would be at a disadvantage as they didn’t listen to the briefing,” one Air Asia flight attendant said.

“As cabin crew, we’re trained to be alert and vigilant at all times. It offends us, but there’s nothing much we can do if you refuse to listen.”

While she said she usually doesn’t pull passengers up on it, she said she doesn’t understand why people can’t glance up from their seat for a few minutes.

“Seriously, you cant even spare 5 minutes for something that might save your life regardless of how unimportant you think it is?” she said.

“If you don’t care, I might as well not too, yeah?”

Another Air Asia flight attendant agreed, saying whether or not your listen to their demo they still have to “save your ass” at the end of the day.

“Flight attendants are not standing there in the middle of the aisle for fun but for the safety of the passenger,” she said.

“Flight attendants know where to find a life jacket, the closest door, how to operate the slide, etc. This demo is not done to refresh our memory.

“Listening to the safety demo isn’t about being rude or not, but about saving your life and maybe a dozen more.”

On another Quora thread a person asked why flight attendants always rush through the briefing.

An air hostess called Patricia , who has been flying for 30 years, said it’s because they have “a LOT” to do before takeoff.

“By the time they are doing the demo, the aircraft has usually pushed back, they have to do the demo, check seat belts, tray tables and seat backs, secure the galley, ensure there are no carry ons in front of the emergency exits and take care of last minute stuff like getting a seatbelt extension to a fuller-figured passenger,” she said.

“The most difficult part of the job is boarding. And to be honest, almost nobody pays attention to it anyway even though they should.”


Article published by Yahoo Australia

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