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The number one mistake that every flight attendant does

Flight attendants play a very important role in the emotional state of the passengers.

They give passengers the feeling of safety when explaining the airplane’s safety rules or even while they walk safely through the aircraft. Thus, flight attendants should always show a neutral or at least normal emotional expression in their faces, no matter how they feel inside. Their personal life cannot be mixed with their job, and vice versa. But, reality shows that they do not always succeed in doing this…

There is a mistake that probably all flight attendants make. When explaining the safety and emergency rules to the passengers before the airplane takes off, flight attendants perform like robots. For most of them, this process has become a habit and an automated process for their brains.

But, this has a negative effect in their performance. During this process, it is supposed that flight attendants should perform more an acting part than explaining the rules in a plain neutral emotional state.

It is very important that a flight attendant puts some acting into this process, because of two main reasons:

  1. This would make people more interested in listening and watching the explanatory process. People who travel often are used to hearing this process and do not prefer to follow the flight attendant.

  2. This would make people feel more secure. If someone who is flying for the first time is interested to know about the security and emergency moves he/she should make, they would feel more secure if the flight attendant would explain the process by acting as if she was in the middle of an emergency situation.

Whenever flight attendants explain in front of the passengers the security rules, they should demand for their attention, no matter how much effort it will take them to achieve this. You never know if passengers are in fear of flying or if they will get anxious or injured during turbulences.

Content Source: MECCTI Photo credits: VisualHunt

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