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Pilot Career: From Dream To Reality

Everyone admires the pilots in the formal dresses. The profession is quite admirable and many aspire to become one someday. The decision of becoming a pilot is easy but the path can be confusing if you do not have the right mentor to guide you.

Your personality will need a perfect balance of skills and attitude to make a decision at the higher altitudes. The reality will test you and take a toll on your mental capabilities. To become a pilot, you need to be confident and fast decision maker.


What It Takes To Be A Good Pilot


Authority And Command

The pilot will know when to take the necessary steps or take command. Hesitation will not be a good trait in this aspect. Confidence is the key. You will have to develop the sense of responsibility and safety.


The trait of self-evaluation will take a pilot to a huge career point. It is a way to understand own weaknesses and work on them. Things will not go as planned or expected in the career. the strength of the character of a pilot is to accept the deficiency and learn to fill the gap to perform better on the next flight service.

Respect Is All That Matters

The pilot respects others, the regulations, procedures and the training. It builds a sense of safety and honor. Respecting the passenger or the cargo present onboard make them a perfect pilot to fly a plane.

Recurrent Training

Even if the pilot has flown over 50,000 hours, he will still need to go through the recurrent training to become more confident. He will continue practicing to become a better pilot every day.

Seeking Advice

Even if the pilot has immense experience in flying a plane, he might need an advice from a person with higher technical knowledge. This is not a matter of humility when you need knowledge from a person who is better than you in this aspect.


The training period and the service span will be a tough time. There will be no fixed hours of service. You will have to learn a lot of things within a short span of time. There will be extensive examinations conducted by the training authority. Determination is the key here.

How To Achieve Your Dream?

If you aspire to fly high then become a pilot. The demand for pilots is pretty high in the market. The salary of a pilot is far better than any other technical job. Here is how you can become a pilot.

Complete The Training In A Reputed Flight School

The first thing one should do is to enroll in a reputed flight school. The certification is the first step towards a prospective career. There are different types of pilot licenses. First, you need to figure out what type of pilot you want to become. Decide whether you want to be a recreational pilot, a sports pilot or a private pilot. The flight school, where you want to gain proper training, should be certified by the regulatory authorities.

Get A Proper License

A license is only available to an aspirant when he has performed well in the flight lesson and completed the required amount of flight hours. He needs to cater apt knowledge to the flight instructor. If all the things go right, he will become eligible for a flight license. You need to by at least 17 years of age. Before even getting a license, you need to arrange a proper medical certificate from the responsible authorities. There will be a practical flight test in presence of an experienced flight instructor.

Earning A Commercial Flight License

A commercial license is a little different. In this case, the aspirant needs to be at least 18 years of age. There will be a physical exam that includes vision tests. You will have to arrange a logbook from a certified instructor to assess the experience level. When asked, the aspirant needs to demonstrate the aeronautical knowledge he gained during training and flight hours. After gaining the license, the physical screening process will be held. After that, the practical tests will be held frequently so that the license status can be updated.

Building Experience And Flight Hours

The certification and the license will not be enough to land up with a great job. You will have to build a required amount of flight hours resume before you can apply for a commercial or a corporate pilot post. For the multinational airlines, you need to arrange enough flight hour experience so that you become eligible to apply as per the criteria.

Training is the easiest part. The hardest part is the employment under a big banner. It will be quite challenging to accomplish all the duties every day. If you are determined to fly high spanning your wings then this is the right job. Go for it!

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