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Levo – an app for networking in airports and during flights

Sometimes serendipity can lead to interesting people. For the rest, there is Levo. At least, that is what two Bengaluru-based entrepreneurs in their twenties, Rahul Maheshwari and Tarun Lala, are trying to do. Their app helps air travellers to connect and build relationships resulting in business deals or even long lasting friendships.

Launched in January 2017, Levo (from Levitate) is an app which helps its members to meet offline, especially air travellers who can meet at airport lounges or during a flight and interact with like-minded co-travellers. Maheshwari who earlier worked with the global consultancy firm, KPMG, points out that in the new age economy and digital world, people are connected only in the virtual world with offline conversations taking a back seat.

“Through this app, we are trying to get people back to the real world and interact face to face.” He throws in a few statistics to back his claim that offline activities are much more beneficial and invigorating for the human mind.

For example, when tired, engaging with another human being can improve one’s mental health by 67 per cent.

Once the profile is completed, members have to enter their flight details including the date and time of travel. Levo will then start sending profiles of passengers who are planning to take their flights around the same time. The member can then send connecting requests for a meeting, and if accepted they can then meet at a designated Levo Lounge at the respective airports. As of now, Bengaluru airport has one such lounge. In case the passengers log in only after reaching the airports, they can walk into the lounge after the check-in indicating that they are willing to interact with the others. LEVO helps air travellers to connect and build relationships.

News source / photo: The Hindu Businessline

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