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Is it hard to become a flight attendant?

People who do not work in the airline industry are rarely informed about the rules and the requirements for jobs in this industry. Speaking of the cabin crew job requirements, you must know that the requirements are very high, but it is not what you think.

Airlines do not need you to have a full professional CV with academic achievements or excellent school grades. Working as a flight attendant requires the person to be very talented and gifted in working in the customer care field.

The requirements for applying for Cabin Crew jobs are relatively basic and most of people are able to meet them. Some of them include: high school diploma, Basic English language knowledge, no visible tattoos or piercing.

As one of the biggest recruitment agencies, MECCTI is always trying to increase the standards, by selecting the best candidates possible. But, what makes a candidate the best among others?

  1. The physical appearance – Airline companies require that Flight Attendants should be at least taller than 1.60m, to have straight and white teeth, to have a good face skin, and a proportional height – weight. It is very important to have a good physical appearance because this increases the satisfaction level among passengers.

  2. The language proficiency – the better you write and speak in English, the more you are eligible to get selected. Chances to get selected increase if you speak more than 2 or 3 languages (basic level).

  3. A proportional body size – MECCTI uses a table of international body size proportion standards when selecting cabin crew candidates. It is very important to have a normal size body, airline companies are very careful when it comes to this part.

  4. The age – People who work in cabin crew positions are required to be no less than 20 years old and no older than 30 to 35 years old when applying for the first time.

If you are luckily selected as a successful candidate for flight attendant during the recruitment process, comes the next phase – the training period at the airline company. Based on our statistics, most of the successful candidates pass the training period and exams successfully and start working for the airline immediately.

In other words, becoming a flight attendant is not a difficult process, if you have a good appearance and speak well in English.

Photo credits: Freepik.

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