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How to apply for MECCTI’s Recruitment Events

As we announced in our newsletter, MECCTI has started using many social media platforms to connect with young people who are searching or who dream of working as Cabin Crew or pilots. Our presence online will serve as a bridge for people to apply faster and to get more detailed information about all our events.

Follow MECCTI:

Recently, in our social media profiles we have received many requests by young people who want to participate in our events. This article will serve you as a guide for how to apply online for our events.

Contact Form:

Please use the Contact Form in our website to write us about any type of information that you are interested to know. You can contact us about our upcoming events, the requirements, etc. You can also contact us in our social media channels. We will directly suggest you to write an email to, our official company email address and ATTACH your CV in English in the email. After you get a confirmation email from our company, you have to prepare a set of documents and send them at our local offices, in the country where the event you are interested to participate will take place.

Note: You have to contact our local office and the local staff will let you know about the next procedures.

The required documents for MECCTI’s events are the following:

– Your CV in the English language

– Two (2) copies of your passport

– A copy of your diploma, training certificate(s) or work attestation

– Two (2) full length pictures in formal business attire

– Two (2) passport-size photos of your portrait

Note: You need to have printed with you all the above documents when the event takes place. The documents will be revised during the interview process.


Photo credits: Visual Hunt

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