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Growing Cohort Of Female Pilots In Airlines

One of the most sought-after careers is aviation. The percentage of pilots among the working professionals is very less when compared to other domains. It requires a stringent training program and a vivid curriculum to get through and become a pilot. Hours of training and simulations shape an enthusiast into a pilot.

How many female pilots are there in the world?

As per, the total number of pilots is 609,306. The number is scanty when other professions are considered. In fact, this is one of the professions where the number of female pilots is very less. As per the same source, the percentage of female pilots is only 7.01%. It means that there are only 42,694 female pilots worldwide. Only 7409 female commercial pilots represent 5.18% of the mass, as per the data published in The Telegraph.

For an instance, British Airways boasts employing 3500 pilots in total. Out of this number, only 200 are female pilots. This number is pretty impressive in comparison to the other airlines in the country. The number is very scanty but increasing steadily as many lady enthusiasts are taking up the course nurturing a dream of flying high with the clouds. There are controversies and stereotypical actions that stopped women to take this profession over the years. Yvonne Pope Sintes, the first commercial female pilot, stated that one of the crew members boldly said that if a female pilot joins, he will submit his resignation. The act of discrimination refrains the womenfolk to join the particular career. The scenario has drastically changed and now, many more female enthusiasts are joining the career every day. Now, the percentage of Female commercial pilots are also increasing at a fast pace.

Female commercial pilots 

It has been nearly 50 years since the first female joined as a commercial pilot but still, women are a minority in this profession. Whenever a woman wanted to become a pilot, they were either discouraged to do a man’s job or not properly encouraged either. The training program conducted by British Airways allows the entry of female enthusiast within the age limit of 18 to 55 years. The outcome of a recent poll suggested that females often set back from picking aviation as their career as they do not find role models in this profession. In fact, they were told from the very beginning that piloting is not a woman’s job. The TV shows, advertisements, and movies all showcased men as the pilot and the ladies as the cabin crew. On the other hand, the misconception of excellence in science also refrain the womenfolk from pursuing this respected career.

Anyone can attend the programs and become a pilot. Helen McNamara, Senior First Officer, Boeing 767, female pilot for 14 years and continuing, said that the enthusiasts come from any curricular background. It takes only 18 months to qualify for advanced training. The military grade simulators are installed for the training purpose. She added that an enthusiast does not need to be from a science background. A recent incident where Tammie Jo Shults, Southwest Airlines, aged 56, successfully landed a handicapped Boeing 737 in Philadelphia. The pilot managed calmly to land the airplane even one of the engine burst mid-air just after 20 minutes of takeoff. The plane was flying at a height of 30,000 feet. The current scenario is changing rapidly. Many enthusiasts are choosing this career. They are highly encouraged by the society as well as the potential employers. The female commercial pilots are the example that proves aviation is not restricted for men only.

Salary and lifestyle of female pilots

The female pilots salary is similar to that of the male pilots. There is discrimination in this aspect. The career is very promising and quite respectable. After a stringent training process, when everything is all set, a pilot is absorbed in the airlines. The salary depends on the company and the number of flight hours. An average pilot can seek a six figure salary that everyone dreams being on the land. As per the survey, the average salary of a professional is $120,000 per year. The top professionals, who are in this profession for years, incur $140,000 per year. The novice pilots incur the least salary amounting to $58,000 a year. Apart from this pay scheme, a pilot is entitled to reduced airfare for the entire family, excellent living allowances and the chance to see the entire world without paying a dime. If your dream is to fly high and travel the world then this is the righteous career to seek. The salary increases considerably every year, depending on the experience and the employer.

A proper degree and an excellent training curriculum can land you among the Female pilots 2018. Female pilots are in high demand from the leading international airliners. Choosing this path will surely provide a bright future ahead for the ladies.

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