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Common Misconceptions Shared By the Flight Attendants Regarding Their Job

Catching a metal bird to go somewhere is not a privilege today as anyone can travel. The cost of the flight tickets has reduced considerably. And so has the notion of the passengers regarding the life of the flight attendants.

Previously, it was a job that every woman fantasized. Flying in the air and serving the customers of the airlines was the dream. Busting all the myth, it is a dream job for the contemporary women too. Despite the fact that their schedule is pretty hectic, being a flight attendant is a very coveted job in the world. the worst part of this job is that the passengers take them for granted. Here is the list of misconceptions you have regarding the life and career of flight attendants.

No, they are not busgirls to cater drinks and snacks

A flight attendant is not the one who caters your orders and drinks. They are there to take care of all your wishes. They are not an assigned waitress to wait on you. She is there to keep everyone safe. Imagine how long they fly and despite being stressed, they behave in a normal way to all the passengers. Even if they are jet-lagged, they properly address every cranky, hungry or confused passenger properly.

Strict rules

The rules are not only for the passengers but also levied for the flight attendants. They have to wear what the authority has assigned. The attire must be perfect along with their makeup. You are not allowed to look sloppy. Even the hair colors, style and makeup are being guided to follow a particular style. The flight attendants cannot wear extra jewelry or comfortable apparels to make the job easier. They have to abide by the rules and show discipline even in the choice of attire.

Weight or BMI

There are few airlines that specify the body mass index and the percentage of fat a flight attendant can have. It becomes really hard to maintain a specified BMI when you are on the go. During the travel, you cannot have the choice of your own meal. In fact, the time of eating a meal also varies which totally messes with the diet and BMI of a flight attendant. The attendants are weighed annually to check the BMI and suggested to take actions if it is not within the permissible limit.


The flight attendants are extremely talented and trained by the officials so that they can take care of over 300 lives at a height of 35,000 feet. They are there to take care of you in any kind of situation. In fact, the flight attendants are trained to aid a pregnant woman and deliver a baby onboard. They are also trained to deliver cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The misunderstanding that they are only there to meet your current needs is wrong.

Putting the luggage in the overhead bins

The passengers often think that it is the responsibility of the flight attendant to put the bags in the overhead bins. Actually, it is not their job. They are not entitled to do it. They might help the elderly to adjust their luggage in the bins. You cannot ask them every time to put the bags in.

No attitude

It is a common misconception that the flight attendants tend to show attitude. Actually, they are trained not to. Even if the passenger is behaving rudely, they tend to solve the situation calmly. If someone is continuously misbehaving and bothering all other passengers, they have to step in to control the situation.


The flight attendants are unable to spare some energy to party when they are on the land. They take a good nap, bath, and relax sipping a glass of wine. The majority of the flight attendants spends over 10 hours flying six days in a week. They also need some time to relax.

Intelligence is what lacks

This is the biggest misconception one can have regarding the flight attendants. They have to go through a vigorous training regarding airplane features, hospitality, and many other things. It needs a lot of intelligence to remember and act likewise in the emergency situations.

Excellent lifestyle

On the positive side, many admire the lifestyle of a flight attendant. Always flying high in the sky definitely tells a story of independence. The flight attendants have chosen this job due to their passion to serve people. Because of this passion, they have to serve the airlines more than 10 hours a day. This is why it really becomes tough to meet someone and have a family. the lifestyle is often very lonely.

No jetlag

The flight attendants are all human beings and they are susceptible to jetlags. Often, they have to take back to back flights.

There are many other misconceptions about the life of flight attendants. Only a few are added to the list so that it is not anymore one of the most misunderstood jobs in the world.

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