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Common errors during an interview process

Flight Attendant Job Interview – Errors

When attending a flight attendant job interview, what are the proper responses to these questions?

  1. Tell me why I should select you.

  2. Why do you want to be a flight attendant?

  3. Why do you want to work for this airline?


When you are put forth a question such as “Tell me why I should select you”, it is your job to give a persuasive answer to hire you based on your qualifications. Blow your own trumpet – this is a chance to sell yourself to the company. Give them a good reason to hire your services – impress upon them how reliable, punctual, flexible you are, how you are able to anticipate the needs of others, an essential requirement of any customer service job. Communicate how your positive contributions and performance at your present job will relate to that of the flight attendant position.

When asked “Why do you want to be a flight attendant?”, be different and creative. Do NOT say that oft repeated run of the mill answer like you want to travel and you like to meet people – that’s the most common answer, and they would have heard that hundreds of times a day! Give an answer that implies that you enjoy giving good customer service, or that it’s like going to work every day and feeling like you’re on vacation; emphasize your passion for airplanes and flying since that is what you will be actually doing in a flight attendant job, and be creative with your answer! Really dig into what it is that appeals to you about the job, and think about what it is that charms you to the position.

For the question “Why do you want to work for this airline?” you first need to know and establish the fact that you already know something about the airline. Go to their website and learn several facts about them, such as any new routes they may be planning, if they have ordered any new airplanes, how many flight attendants they plan to hire this year, or changes in management such as the name of their new Operations Manager or CEO. Then you want to convince them what difference you could bring to their company, giving specific examples of the ways how the company has already impacted your life or how it will in the future. Keep in mind that this is your big chance to persuade them to hire you, so learn all you can about how your background will help you fit into their company’s culture, and don’t be afraid to brag on your accomplishments and assets!

Other Common Errors

During a flight attendant interview, there are a number of factors that can potentially disqualify you from consideration. Here are few of the most common errors:

  1. Personal appearance not up to the desired standards.

  2. Overbearing, overaggressive, egoistical behavior.

  3. Lack of purpose or lack of goal setting.

  4. Inability to co-relate personal qualities to flight attendant duties.

  5. Unable to relate real-world examples when asked behavioral-type questions.

  6. Lack of enthusiasm – passive or indifferent.

  7. Inability to listen to the interviewer or poor grasping power; too focused on how you are going to respond.

  8. Making derogatory remarks about your previous employer.

  9. Poor body language.

  10. Concerns over relocation.

  11. Lack of tact, maturity, courtesy.

  12. Evasive, making excuses for unfavorable factors in work history.

  13. Inability to maintain a conversation, poor communication skills.

  14. Lack of commitment or direction in thoughts.

  15. Failure to ask questions about the flight attendant position.

  16. Unable to make a commitment on a training start date.

  17. Very little knowledge about the duties and responsibilities of a flight attendant.

  18. Lack of preparation – no knowledge of the airline, resulting in an inability to ask intelligent questions


Content Source: MECCTI Photo by Jd5466 / Wikimedia

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