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Can Pilots be Paid in Bitcoin?

Meccti Contemplates Payment of Pilot Salaries in Crypto-currency

MECCTI, who??? 

Meccti is world’s no.1 recruitment agency for cabin crew staff. The company has recruited thousands of cabin crew from 25 destinations, for various airlines. 

Year 2017 is coming to a close on a high in the airline industry as the many job predictions for the future in the industry continue to reveal record high and massive improvements on the previous benchmarks of activities and recruitments.

Boeing prediction especially has it that up to 637000 new commercial airline pilots would be demanded between 2017 and 2036, this showing as high as a 3.2 percent increase over its previous outlook as positioned in 2016. It is said that the increase in demand is courtesy of the upsurge of growth experienced in the industry which features addition of 40000 new aircrafts into it. This growth was said to have been driven by the latest improvements experienced with economic growth, consumer spending, an uprising middle class graph and most importantly a changing airline business model. The expected recruitment uprising in the next two decades was also said to feature up to 648000 fresh commercial airline maintenance technicians and 839000 fresh cabin crew members, all recruitment demands as highlighted led by Asia pacific, followed by North America and Europe. The airline industry has positioned itself as one of the big things to happen to the world in the next two decades with room for more developments.

This development cum the 2017 predictions done in 2016 have suggested improved packages for pilots in the coming years. It was recorded that 2016 saw a record of $35.6 billion profit experienced with a massive increase already experienced in 2017, and the coming years promising even much more. With these being said, Meccti, a leading aviation recruitment agency, being one of those few agencies that finds comfort for their clients is proposing payment of pilot salaries in crypto-currency because of the benefits it thinks they stand to gain with the development to complement the as many benefit as may be experienced by them in the industry.

Although the development with bitcoins and crypto-currency started slowly, a change of tide and situations have made even government of nationsshow interests in creating their own digital currency scheme. Crypto-currency is a digital currency which is both created and managed via the utilization of computer based advanced encryption technique called cryptography through the process of mining. Bitcoin, the most widely recognized crypto-currency although started in 2009, the slow development it experienced forced a quit in 2011, although no real reason was identified for the quit by the founder. It has since bounced back and continued development that it became not just the most popular, but the most expensive crypto-currency by the day. Its exploit has since made many more crypto-currency name flood the market to continue productions of digital currencies which work on peer-to-peer technology and most importantly off the management and control of central bank or authorities. Nobody owns the crypto-currency network and it’s just open to all cum its increasing acceptance in the global market.

According to Blockchain and Bitcoin business development professional, Elizabeth McCauley, the benefits of being paid in Bitcoin extends beyond just serving as a source of liquidity.

McCauley identifies Bitcoin as also a store of value. Payment of salaries with crypto-currency seems a farfetched idea but it is most realistically out there already. Although the dominating groups of employers and employees who get settled in bitcoin as of present are revealed to have ties with mining organizations, the fact is that the increasing benefits has wooed many more into joining the system. This among others includes nonpayment of service charges, currency remittal and even forex charges when international transactions are made. This way, your salary is sure to appreciate over time and as well give you more returns for fiat currency. You are probably set to gain most being an early adopter of the digital currency scheme because they might not be able to evade government scrutiny and regulation for long as their stocks continue to rise.

Whatever the future of the digital currency scheme holds, one thing is however sure. With the increasing interest of government of Asia nations and other countries around the globe in the digital currency scheme and the increasing global acceptance credited to it, it probably has come to stay in the nearest future.

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