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Airline Cabins of the Future: New innovations making air travel comfortable and convenient

Those days of longer trans-continental hectic flights will be over soon with the inclusion of air cabins in an airplane. It is the future of the contemporary aviation industry where the flyers will be able to avail impeccable seating features with numerous intelligent recreational facilities.

The vintage photos of air travel showed how the passengers enjoyed a bubbly glass of champagne while relaxing on the grand recliners. Previously, airliners were spacious as the demand for flight services was less. The same privilege cannot be expected from the present-day airliners.

Soon, the myth is going to be changed by the introduction of new air cabins. Forget the cramped seating arrangements that restrain proper movements and offer nothing but utter discomfort during the long flights. The entire scenario is going to change as the major players in the air service are investing heavily to come up with ergonomic seating arrangements with modern-day features.

The drastic change will be brought by considering all the aspects of a comfortable travel time. The key is to introduce wireless technology with the specific features to provide an interrupted connectivity along with the ergonomic and spacious seats. Every single passenger flying sticks to his or her smartphones, laptops or tablets which is why an internal Wi-Fi connection has become mandatory.

Personal entertainment chamber

Think it this way. You are comfortably seated in a perfect chair handling a gaming console or a remote control to your personal TV. The TV will play all your favorite shows that you wish to binge watch and pass the time on the flight. It will be a perfect experience for the hectic flights! The prime objective an airliner is to provide an exclusive experience by providing the major recreational inputs so that you can continue your daily life and do not regret flying for 15 hours at a stretch.

The smart technology used by the airliners will sync with your phone and find out your likes and dislikes. The upgraded intelligent system will automatically learn your preferences and present you what you like to watch or play onboard. This experience will truly transform the way people fly. Imagine you can start watching a movie from where you have left off on a flight! Other than entertainment, you can also continue working on your project or converse with your clients even if you are flying. The seats will have all the facilities that will allow you to connect with your work and get entertained too.

The devices, which are previously attached with very seat, will work along with your own devices. All the onboard devices will be easily synced so that you can find out your personalized entertainment without any hassle.

In the same context, Panasonic launched a unique user interface named Waterfront that will enable a user to sync the flight’s personal entertainment unit with the flyer’s mobile handset.

As mentioned earlier, the main motive behind such excellent changes is to make a person extremely comfortable onboard. The inbuilt entertainment unit dedicated to each flyer will be morphed into a better one. It will offer more controllability and flexibility to a passenger. The new seating arrangement will offer enough space to accommodate such features without making the interior clumsy.

New steps regarding entertainment

A Netherlands-based tech company is providing a new device known as AirFi. This small device is capable of delivering preloaded content to the Flyers’ mobiles thus saving ample space by removing inbuilt entertainment units. This innovative technology is good for short flights. The device works like a router that can redirect content to the users and create an entertainment channel without the necessity of too much space.

The same technology is being taken a step ahead by the CEO of AirFi, Job Heimerikx. He states that the same device can be used to order a service onboard and even used to shop online without any charges. The only barrier that can hinder the use of such devices is the delivery of user-specific content. As mentioned earlier, the passengers would like to binge-watch their favorite TV series or a movie. The device still can work and captivate the passengers by engaging them in a better world of entertainment.

The next step will be to add an internet connection onboard. It can only happen if the flights are connected with a satellite-based connection. This will literally change the concept and bring down more convenience for the passengers.

Perfect seats for comfort

Intelligent lighting and a relaxing atmosphere will considerably reduce the pain a passenger suffers from a jetlag. The use of LED lights will offer a better control of the ambiance. The ergonomic improvements in the seating arrangements and the internal ambiance will make long-haul flights extremely convenient. Some of the airliners are also eyeing to introduce air cabins like cocoons that will allow a passenger to sleep onboard.

The inclusion of newer concepts and innovations will make the flight service a golden way to travel long distances.

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