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4 Fun Facts about Pilots

Like every other job, working as a pilot has its own benefits, difficulties but also some perks included. Read below 4 fun facts about pilots.

Flight Simulation

Before actually flying an aircraft, the student pilot trains through professional flight simulation. The simulation of aircraft gauges, equipment, the view of an airport, other aircraft and air traffic controllers in 3-D feels just as real. A pilot experiences simulated uncommon situations that put his skills and education to the test. The experience is similar to a video game for entertainment, and can be a lot of fun — only this time, a license is at stake.

Flying on a Whim

While in training, the aspiring pilot flies with an instructor in a two- to four-seat aircraft. The instructor helps the trainee build confidence and become comfortable with takeoffs, landings, turns, navigational equipment, regulations and other crucial elements to flying. Once the instructor feels satisfied that the pilot is capable of flying solo, the trainee can experience the exhilaration of flying alone with the aircraft. With a license in hand, a pilot has the freedom to travel on a whim to try a different restaurant in another state or a quick round of golf.


A pilot might want to expand his piloting skill to other aircraft. With an airplane license and approximately 10 additional hours of helicopter instruction including solo flying time, a pilot can receive a private pilot certificate to fly a helicopter. Unlike an airplane, he might find it challenging keeping his hands on the controls of a helicopter at all times. A pilot could also earn a private pilot license to fly a glider or a hot air balloon. A glider provides a different experience because it’s powered by gravity and air currents to make a pilot feel like a bird in the sky. While a pilot can soar in a balloon, it won’t necessarily help his career take off. A pilot serious about flying a balloon would have to buy one, because balloons can’t be rented.

Extrordinary Date Nights

Becoming a pilot gives you a license to impress. Flying in the night sky just before dark gives a pilot and his date a whole new perspective on a breathtaking sunset. A little later on in the dark sky, the couple sees the spectacular view of twinkling lights of the city below. Or, make it an early morning date and see a brilliant sunrise. Only a pilot can provide such an unforgettable and romantic date.

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