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Company History

MECCTI, a global leader in providing cabin crew and pilots for the aviation industry since 1997.

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Our Approach

MECCTIWhere relationships matter / Team with a vision / Team of decision makers / All in One Package

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Careers at MECCTI

Build a successful career in the aviation industry with MECCTI.

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Cabin Crew Recruitment and Assessment

With a wealth of experience across aviation recruitment MECCTI offers its clients Recruitment Outsourcing solutions which involve delivering a range of recruitment and recruitment-related consulting services to meet short and long term recruitment demands.  Read More

Flight Deck Assessment

With a wealth of experience across pilot assessments, MECCTI offers its clients complete flight deck assessment solution which involves delivering of Type rated / Non-type rated pilots along with Dry/Wet lease of FFS as well as psychometric testing. Read More

Crew Leasing

With extensive database of flight deck / experienced cabin crew MECCTI can offer a quick solution to cover your short term crew requirements, weather it would be seasonal requirement or new start-up.


Our job site inflightcrewjobs.com gives us the opportunity to discover and select the best candidates for cabin crew jobs, around the world.

Pilot Courses

MECCTI offers type rating programs for pilot courses with our closest strategic partners Avion Group. IFTC Istanbul and the official Boeing centre. Type ratings are offered for B737NG and A320. Read More

Line Training

We offer programs both for typed, and non-typed Airbus 320 / Boeing 737 pilots 500 hours’ line training program, fly as a First Officer with future job prospect.

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