MECCTI is committed to recruiting and training the most qualified job candidates for its partners worldwide, based on international and tested job recruitment policies and techniques. Our company offers opportunities for all individuals that want to start and build a career in the airline industry. Our partners are international airline companies that seek to make part of their staff high qualified cabin crew staff.

We work closely with airline companies by selecting, recruiting and assessing cabin crew staff and pilots. Our main purpose is to educate and prepare these job seekers for a high demanding and well paid job market. is part of our e-recruitment program. The job site helps job seekers to explore various job opportunities and to apply for their preferred job positions.

The website also serves as a discovering tool for MECCTI. We carefully revise all your CVs and try to find a suitable job position for every job seeker. This gives us the opportunity to meet the needs and requirements of our partners and the job seekers. Such process enriches¬†MECCTI’s portfolio of talented people who want to work in the aviation industry and who make a good name in this industry.

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Cabin Crew Jazeera Airways Kuwait Cabin Crew 17/10/2018
Cabin Crew Meccti Turkey Cabin Crew 25/04/2018
A320 First Officer Salam Air Oman 25/04/2018
A320 First Officer Kuwait Airways Kuwait 25/04/2018
B737 First Officer Flydubai Dubai 25/04/2018
B737 Captain, SpiceJet Commuting contract India 25/04/2018
A320 Captain Salam Air Oman 25/04/2018
A320 Captain Kuwait Airways Kuwait 25/04/2018
B737 NTR Captain Flydubai Dubai 25/04/2018
B737 Captain Flydubai Dubai 25/04/2018
B737NG First Officer Oman Air Oman 25/04/2018
B737NG Captain Oman Air Oman 25/04/2018